About us

Our mission is to develop

FOTON NOVELTY GROUP S.A. is a company located in central Europe operating in the Renewable Energy Sources sector. We implement projects for ground-based photovoltaic power plants and a network of energy storage.



We are pleased to contribute to the development and application of photovoltaic technology in practice.

We prepare projects of solar power plants without noise, pollution, deformation landscape or negative impact on fauna and flora.

We develop projects throughout Poland. Our business partners are companies with Polish and foreign capital.

We specialize in project development based on the use of photovoltaic technology, i.e. the production of electricity from solar radiation energy. In that modern, dynamically developing industry, we offer proven, reliable solutions.

We have been operating since 2013. Our mission is to develop the clean energy market. We carry out investments that have been profitable for our partners for years. We derive satisfaction from participating in the process of energy transformation in Poland by combining experience and competences of our team, acquired and developed for years. We implement our values by delivering ready-made investment projects that are key they contribute to the reduction of all emissions, are environmentally friendly, local environment and community and are effective in the business dimension. We improve processes business and technology models used in project development.

The dynamic development of the renewable energy market also influenced the development of our organization, leading in 2021 to the merger of Novelty OZE Group Sp. z o.o. and Foton-Elektrownie Słoneczne i Magazyny Energii S.A. with universal succession. Foton-Elektrownie Słoneczne i Magazyny Energii S.A. assumed all rights and obligations of Novelty OZE Group Sp. z o.o. That affected its market potential increase and we operate currently as Foton Novelty Group S.A. with nearly 47 million PLN equity

The Group implements projects of small-power photovoltaic power plants up to 1MW and larger – with a capacity of several to 100 MW. The latter belong to the group of high-power projects, and they are located in areas with an area of 50 – 150 ha.

Foton Novelty Group S.A. sets new goals for the future by following the latest solutions of green technologies, the essence of which is to provide clean air, water and energy.

We live fast and materialistically, often without knowing what impact it has on the environment human activity and his pursuit of unlimited use of resources. Natural resources have their limits and that is why it is so important to develop and invest in friendly, clean energy.

Solar installations help to effectively reduce the emission of not only carbon dioxide, but also sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and dust. They allow to avoid the generation of solid waste, sewage, as well as soil contamination and degradation areas that are often the result of energy production using conventional sources. In the area of installation, the vast majority of the site remains undeveloped. The spaces between the rows of panels allow for the occurrence of native meadow vegetation, they enable the natural development of insects, birds and small ones mammals and amphibians.