We look into the future respecting the past and experience

For years, we have specialized in the design of photovoltaic power plants located on land creating new investment opportunities.

Our investments take into account the continuous development of technology, market changes and trends in energy.

The key to success in the field of effective procedures and obtaining permits the construction of photovoltaic power plants is knowledge of procedures and professional cooperation with the appropriate authorities at every stage of the process.



The company with a capital of nearly PLN 47 million, in its current shape, was established through a merger two companies. Its owners are three entrepreneurs with almost 10 years of age experience in the renewable energy industry.

The company mainly employs engineers, architects and security experts environment, real estate, renewable energy, energy, as well as law and administration. We also work with a large group of external experts, consultants and suppliers.
In total, about 100 specialists are working on the projects.



Currently, we have projects in the process with a total capacity of approximately 800 MW throughout Poland. We have 200 locations in the following voivodeships: zachodniopomorskie, lubuskie, lodzkie, opolskie, pomorskie, lubelskie, wielkopolskie, warminsko – mazurskie, as well as dolnoslaskie, mazowieckie, kujawsko-pomorskie, podlaskie czy podkarpackie.

We work with the leaders of the renewable energy market in Poland and abroad, as well as customers not related to the industry. Our investment projects are bought by listed companies, both from Poland and Norway, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania. Many of them won the auction system of the Energy Regulatory Office.

The priority when choosing a location for investment is the distance from the connection point to power grid, which determines good economy and return on investment from projects. High-capacity power plant projects, which have the largest share in the order portfolio we offer customers with the right to use the land and all necessary administrative decisions and permits for the foundation of the power plant.



Knowledge of administrative procedures is a key element of success in the field of effective proceedings and obtaining permits for the construction of photovoltaic power plant. The ability to cooperate with the relevant authorities guarantees effectiveness in obtaining decisions from individual authorities, starting with the environmental deisions through the connection conditions, up to the building permit.

Experience in the field of design and construction of photovoltaic power plants we are now also using to develop the concept of energy storage networks for which we are currently acquiring locations throughout the country.