Is managing a PV power plant time-consuming?

Power plants are maintenance-free facilities, they are equipped with security systems and management software so as to guarantee the correct, continuous operation of devices and remote monitoring of the amount of energy produced.

Due to the lack of the need for direct operation and remote management systems, the investor can choose any location for the foundation of the power plant in Poland and monitor it efficiently from anywhere.

Is the investment in photovoltaic power plants profitable?

The demand for energy will grow, and there are fewer and fewer traditional raw materials for its production. In this situation, renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and water are the direction of the future, and power plants using these resources in the production process become a source of constant, over-inflationary profits.

At the same time, increased interest in the renewable energy market of corporate and individual investors, as well as the decreasing supply of facilities producing such energy, increase the value of these investments, and thus they become an excellent capital investment.

The market development is also evidenced by the growing electricity turnover on the Polish Power Exchange, reaching record volumes in 2021. At the same time, the market prices of Energy record historical values. The upward trend has, in principle, been sustained for some time and energy prices, also for end users, are increasing year by year.

Average energy prices will continue to rise, if only because conventional / coal-fired power plants will have to pay higher and higher amounts for carbon dioxide emissions. Energy from renewable sources is admittedly free of the financial burden associated with

harmful to the environment, but market mechanisms to set energy prices work and affect their levels.

Who can become a producer of electricity from photovoltaics?

Anyone, both a private individual and a company, can become the owner of a photovoltaic power plant that produces energy. However, it is possible to sell energy to the grid as part of economic activity.

Do solar panels work only when it is sunny?

Solar panels don’t only work when it’s sunny. This is a myth because to produce electricity from the cells, you need an elementary particle called a photon, not the direct rays of the sun, although these obviously amplify the effect.

Insolation, i.e. the intensity of solar radiation on a specific area at a given time on an annual basis in a specific area, allows to forecast the profitability of investments in the form of photovoltaic installations.

However, the cells are also great on cloudy days as well are suitable for operation in variable darkness conditions and their effectiveness in the long term (e.g. in the usual annual billing period) is balanced.

It is also not true that the operation of photovoltaics in winter is negatively affected by low temperatures. Paradoxically, the cold improves the flow of electrons, which increases the efficiency of solar cells. Therefore, the weather in Poland is optimal for use photovoltaic installations.

What photovoltaics is?

Photovoltaics is a field of science and technology that deals with the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Sunlight is one of the renewable energy sources, thanks to which electricity generation is “clean” and does not have a negative impact on the environment and surroundings, i.e. it does not generate noise, odors or toxic waste, and does not deform the landscape.

How can we cooperate?

We would like to cooperate in the field of:

  • Lease or sale of a land for photovoltaic power plant
  • Mediation in conclusion of lease or sale contracts (we provide a good provision fee for mediators)
  • Sale of our ready-to-build projects (along with complete set of documentation, including rights to operate on a land and permissions) or turnkey photovoltaic power plants built by us