Investment offer

Investment in clean energy guarantees long-term profits



Invest in the future. We invite investors to invest funds in the activities of the Company.

In line with the strategy, we implement projects based on equity and capital obtained from private investors.

Today, there is no clear-cut recipe for a stable, reliable and long-term investment. High returns have always carried an equally high risk, and its long-term existence is often unacceptable. On the other hand, money should work, and the decision whether to invest it in real estate, bank deposits, securities, startups, or already operating companies is a combination of individual preferences and emerging opportunities. The offer of investing funds in the renewable energy industry, i.e. in photovoltaic power plants and energy storage, is an attractive alternative in this context.



The intensive development of the renewable energy market causes greater interest in the construction of RES energy production facilities, and thus – the land on which such installations can be built has recently become an element limiting the implementation of projects.

For several years, the amount of land suitable for the construction of solar power plants has been decreasing, especially those with high power, for which a large area is needed, even over 100 hectares

The growing interest in the renewable energy market by corporate and individual investors, as well as the decreasing supply of facilities producing such energy, increases the value of these investments, and thus they become an excellent capital investment.



Energy storage network. Its essence is to support an electricity storage system, which will help to manage electricity efficiently, prevent its temporary fluctuations and ensure its better availability. Today, many power nodes show power shortages, and at the same time the number of electric power take-off points is growing, also related to the dynamic development of the renewable energy industry. Therefore, there is a need to build a system of buffers that would increase and stabilize the possibilities of energy networks.

Our company is currently implementing a network of such warehouses, which is in line with the trend of development and transformation of energy networks in Poland.