Land lease

It’s time for the earth to work even better for you
Clean, cost-free, regardless of the climate and the economic situation in agriculture



Modern agribusiness is not only tillage and breeding. For years, owners of green areas have benefited from the benefits of nature and offer agritourism services, build hotels and places for active recreation. The lease of land for non-agricultural activities, such as the construction of solar power plants or other renewable energy installations, is also not new.



Rental income exceeds agricultural income, and is not affected by inflation or the agricultural boom. They are also not dependent on weather conditions and other natural limitations.

Power plants can be located on agriculturally unattractive land, and the lease of land does not entail additional costs (e.g. additional fertilization treatments) and does not require investment.



We are happy to lease the land. The pricing depends on several factors:

• ground RIV class or lower
• the area is not covered by the applicable local plan (allowed to be included in the plan for PV or renewable energy investments)
• distance from the overhead power line up to 500 m (an additional advantage is the presence of a network on the border or on the plot)
• location outside the areas of national parks and Natura 2000 areas
• plot area not less than 1.2 ha and not more than 250 ha
• access to a public road (directly or via a road plot)